What We Do

We consider ourselves to be online architects and we are extremely passionate about creating something very special for our clients and we are not satisfied until we exceed their expectations. We build websites that drive businesses to new levels. We take an innovative approach to designing websites and we pride ourselves in our ability to solve any problem.

We specialize in:

➔ E-Commerce & POS

➔ Web Design and Development

➔ Brand Design

➔ Content Creation

➔ Shopify Design and Development

➔ Shopify Store Setup and Migration

➔ Marketing Strategy

➔ Print Design


Site Content

  • Development of written content (product descriptions and media to be supplied by client)
  • Website content entry and import

Site Design (mobile and desktop)

  • Conceptual Design: Develop creative look and feel
  • Production Design: Creation of all page templates

Website Functionality

  • W3C and SSL compliancy (including proper subdomain redirection)
  • Integration and configuration of e-commerce platform
  • Creation of mobile responsive website and content
  • Creation of all site pages
  • Media player and image gallery functionality
  • Modular content widget flexibility
  • Proper maintenance mode features
  • Landing page management configuration (add licence fees in hosting section below)
  • Dynamic search (AXAX)
  • Faceted search
  • Internal banner rotation system configuration (add licence fees in hosting section below)
  • WYSIWYG page builder interface with content entry interface (add licence fees for 3rd party tools in hosting section below)
  • User ratings and reviews
  • Creation & integration of web forms
  • Configuration of newsletter
  • Product and category database
  • Featured products
  • Product images and zoom
  • Standard e-commerce / cart administrative features and user management
  • Shipping calculation
  • Multi-currency support
  • Promotion management
  • Shopping cart abandonment system
  • Drip marketing solution
  • Automated emails
  • Survey system
  • Integration of social media (assist in creation, standardize brand and link social media properties, social sharing, YouTube videos)
  • Automated social media posting tools configuration (add licence fees in hosting section below)

Search Engine Optimization

  • Addition of meta descriptions, urls, titles, canonical and alt text for all site pages
  • Full schema / micro-formats integration
  • Proper local SEO for multi-locations support
  • Creation of xml sitemap
  • Submit site to search engines (including Google My Business, and Google Search Console)

Google Analytics + Google Search Console

  • Integrate Google Tag Manager (or similar)
  • Integrate Google Analytics
  • Add event tracking for events on all buttons
  • Create goals in Google Analytics
  • Create conversion dashboard with recommended KPIs (if suggesting 3rd party solution, please describe and include cost in hosting fees below)
  • Set up and configure Google Search Console and Bing webmaster tools